FEMTC 2014

Automated Testing Process for FDS 6

Kristopher Overholt - National Institute of Standards and Technology


The Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) validation suite currently includes 44 experimental data sets, 860 individual experiments, and more than 5,000 point-to-point comparisons. The FDS verification suite currently includes more than 480 verification cases. To manage this continuously expanding number of verification and validation cases, the FDS source code undergoes an automated (nightly) build, verification, validation, and regression testing process (which is known as a continuous integration system) that automates the build/testing cycle for the project. This automated process is referred to as Firebot. This presentation gives an overview of the development of the automated testing process that was introduced in FDS 6, which allows for better collaboration between researchers, students, and the fire model development team. Statistical metrics are generated for the verification and validation cases so that practitioners can utilize the model uncertainty results in fire modeling analyses and probabilistic risk assessments.



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