FEMTC 2016

Managing Quality in Fire Safety Design Projects Involving RSET Analyses

Karl Fridolf - WSP Sverige AB


The building regulations in many countries allow a performance-based design for fire safety. Such regulations permit the fire safety designer to adopt engineering methods to derive the fire safety design of, for example, a building. In verifications related to life safety, a fire safety designer may make use of a computer evacuation model in a quantitative assessment of the identified design evacuation scenarios. However, as the reliance on evacuation modelling, the number of models and complexity increases, there is even more of a need for a systematic means of ensuring quality in evacuation assessments than before. In this paper, a template summary sheet and a complementing tool are presented, both of which are believed to facilitate, encourage and ensure quality management in fire safety design projects involving RSET analyses. In addition, the use of these tools is exemplified in a simple case study using the computer evacuation model Pathfinder.



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