FEMTC 2018

Modeling Crowd Movement in Large Scale Events, the Case of Storico Carnevale Di Ivrea

Elena Caccherano, Paper by Rugiada Scozzari - CANTENE s.r.l.


This paper describes the analysis of a complex large-scale event The case study event, Ivrea Carnival, is peculiar because it takes place in streets and squares of a small ancient town, and not in an area designed for large-scale events Another peculiarity is that Ivrea Carnival lasts for many days, during which a large number of different kind of events occur, as music parties in squares, parades, ritual ceremony, and the famous orange battle Numerical simulations were used to support the safety plan construction, providing in-depth comprehension of crowd movement and verification of management strategies Among all the simulations done for the safety plan construction, three specific situations were reported in the paper to explain how numerical simulations can be used to better understand crowd dynamics (i) normal circulation of visitors in the town center, being set a maximum capacity limit in squares; (ii) entering of the parade in a crowded area; (iii) effect of the presence of movement group (e.g families) on egress time from crowded squares The consequences of simulations findings on safety plan are also discussed.



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