FEMTC 2018

How to Validate Solutions from Simluex

Brian Thompson - AEGIS Engineering, PLLC


Simulex is a partial-behavioral egress model While the ability of the software’s computational functionality to accurately predict the duration of occupant pedal movements has been validated, the shortest-path methodology utilized by Simulex can result in an inefficient, inappropriate or even unreasonable evacuation scenario In such cases, the user can apply techniques and methodologies to manipulate the building geometry and/or occupants in order to overcome these challenges.

Such application of engineering judgment in development of a performance-based design solution is prudent and essential to yield a reasonable conclusion However, such manipulation of the modeled environment can lead to questions regarding validity of those results This paper presents case studies with discussion of how an unmodified scenario could be deemed unreasonable and how application of engineering judgment to manipulate model conditions in Simulex yields valid solutions.



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