FEMTC 2018

Efficiency Of the Fire Safety System, Based on Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS)

Wilson Nobre Lima - University of Cape Verde


The efficiency of a fire safety system constitutes a concern to the public and technologically advanced buildings Still today, realistic simulations and, exercises are used in order to analyze, evaluate and validate these systems’ efficiency Considering that these exercises entail expensive simulation costs, this work focuses on designing a virtual model which is based on Computational Fluid Dynamics 3D, that allow for the analysis of the efficiency of the fire safety system and decision-making for emergencies in the Cape Verde Data Center managed by Operational Nucleus for Information Society (NOSi).

This article reports the results of a simulation scenario based on the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) code, showing that this model would significantly influence decision making, particularly in the case of a fire, which would avoid expensive costs and possible damage in a real simulation.



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