Numerical Case Studies On Single Side Natural Smoke Venting Effect Of Atria Under The Super Large Inclined Roof

Hong-Sheng Huang - Department of Architecture, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology


The object of this study is a fine art museum with a super large scale inclined roof. A flat raised atrium with a height of 30 meters and a width of 40 meters but a transverse length of 180 meters is set inside the building. The natural smoke exhaust windows are arranged horizontally on single side of the top of the atrium. This study analyzes the effect of wind direction and wind speed on the performance of natural smoke exhaust windows based on the fire situation in different locations and local wind environment in winter and summer, so as to further optimize the design of natural smoke exhaust windows. This building is located in a city in Northern Taiwan, it is known that the wind direction in winter is mainly northeast, with the maximum average wind speed of 2.5m/s; while in summer, the wind direction is Southwest, with the maximum average wind speed of 4.5m/s. As the natural smoke exhaust window of the atrium of the building faces to the NNW, Because the inclined roof forms a windward or leeward state in different seasons, so it has an important impact on the change of the wind environment outside the natural smoke exhaust window. Although the natural smoke venting windows was average put according to the length distribution of the building, when the fire situation occurs in different seasons and different locations, the fire smoke cannot be evenly distributed in the whole ceiling, resulting in the difference in the efficiency of each natural smoke exhaust window. This study used NIST’s FDS (fire dynamics simulation) and LES (large-eddy simulation) to explore the turbulent state of fire smoke flow under the influence of various factors, which should be more suitable than the RANS approach to study highly three-dimensional or separated flows.


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