FEMTC 2020

Evacuation Strategy Planning - Special Requirements For Hospital Departments

Judit Rauscher - Doctoral School on Safety and Security Sciences, Óbudai University, Hungary


In the event of an emergency, the planning and implementation of an evacuation plan can prove to be difficult, even with a crowd of perfectly healthy and able people. One of the most essential tasks of security technology is to provide safety for people. This is especially important in a hospital setting, where patients are already in a vulnerable state. Evacuation in health-care facilities is complex due to the physical impairment of the patients. Building architecture and built-in safety features (active and passive fire protection systems) greatly affect evacuation success, which is also influenced by evacuation strategy planning. This kind of evacuation usually requires the assistance of the workforce members, and the efficiency of transferring bedridden patients depends on the ratio of patient and staff.



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