ARTSS: Verification And Benchmarking

My Linh Würzburger - Institute for Advanced Simulation, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany


This paper presents selected validation and benchmark scenarios for the simulation software ARTSS (Accelerator-based Real-Time Smoke Simulator). Although still under development, the first version is already publicly available. ARTSS is a computational fluid dynamics with the deliberate focus on smoke spread simulations. A large eddy simulation turbulence model is used and the applied numerical schemes are based on finite differences. With a real-time prediction in mind, ARTSS can run fully parallel on various computer architectures. Especially, it is capable to fully utilise GPUs and modern multi-core CPUs.

The successful application of parallelisation techniques can be seen in the benchmarking runs by direct comparison to the serial execution. While the acceleration of the parallelised version to the serial version can be seen early on, the advantage of the GPU to the multi-core version only becomes apparent with higher scaling, due to the communication between GPU and CPU as well as the copying of data.

In order to demonstrate the validity of the results, simulations of selected experiments are conducted. The results are compared with experimental data from literature by comparing the deviation of the simulation results with the experimental data. Cases, where the sole smoke transport – which is the focus of ARTSS – is of major importance, show a good agreement of the predicted data.


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