Smoke And Evacuation Performance Based Design

Eric Tonicello - Ingénierie et Sécurité Incendie Sàrl - Lausanne, Switzerland


The design of sport arenas and theatre is today done with the help of performance-based design. Though this process is not “new”, we will present some interesting issues and solutions allowing to achieve the safety objectives for these two projects.

For the ice hockey arena, the challenge has been to “convince” the architects to design “large stairs” and to leave some spaces free of fire loads. Then multiple simulation have been done for the evacuation process and the smoke exhaust system, to finally find the optimal technical and economical solution.

For the theatre, the difficulty has been to find the best solution with the users between sprinkler, deluge, and smoke curtain. Again, the economical challenge was to find the minimal extraction system, due to cost and space restraints.


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