Commuter Safety Analysis In Different Types Of Underground Metro Stations For Persons With And Without Disabilities

Tarapada Mandal - Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


Commuter safety is crucial in any fire outbreak inside any underground public transport station. Understanding the effect of fire and fire-induced smoke and their dynamics is important. It is also important to study the behavior of different types of commuters (with and without disability) during any fire evacuation. In fire evacuation, the geometry, the fire size, and smoke dynamics play a critical role. Most of the previous simulation studies considered only one type of station and have not considered the vulnerable population (disabled commuters) in the simulations. In this study, three different types (different geometric features, which are a major factor in compartment fires) of underground metro stations are chosen. Different fire sizes, fire location, and ventilation conditions are studied extensively using the design of experiment method (which is not considered in other studies). The behavior of the occupants due to fire-induced smoke and irritant gases are also studied extensively with recently available tools. Fire simulation and FED (fractional effective dose) calculations for different commuters are done using PyroSim (Thunderhead, 2019). For evacuation simulation, assisted (commuters with disability and needing assistance) and non- assisted (no-disability) commuters were considered and the simulations were carried out in Pathfinder (Thunderhead, 2018). Commuter safety in fire is evaluated in different types of underground stations of the Delhi metro. It was found from the extensive simulations that disabled commuters might suffer from the fire-induced irritant smoke in a fully developed flashover fire. It was also found from the study that a two-sided platform station is more vulnerable compared to an island type platform station in providing safe evacuation time.


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