FEMTC 2022

Smoke Control In Corridors - A Multiparametric Experimental Study And Its CFD Digital Twin

Wojciech Węgrzyński and Grzegorz Krajewski - Instytut Techniki Budowlanej


ITB has performed an extensive experimental and numerical study on the performance of smoke control in corridors. The experimental set up was developed with support of Trigon Fire UK, as representative to common solutions met at the UK and Polish high rise buildings. A full-scale experimental facility was built (please refer to the talk of Dr Krajewski) along with a digital twin CFD model, presented in depth in this talk. We have investigated the performance of smoke control system with different number and location of inlets/outlets and varying inlet/outlet volumetric capacities. Furthermore, the size, location of the fire; ventilation conditions in fire compartment and the state of the doors connecting compartment to the corridor were also variables in the study. More than 5,000 individual combinations of the design factors are identified and simulated. In this talk we will focus on the CFD digital twin built for the project. It consists of a custom-built FDS pre-processor for generation of massive number of individual FDS case files, manage the simulation process and batch post-process the results. As the first batch of simulations (approx. 2000) are complete, in this talk we will cover the obtained results and preliminary investigation on the impact of the variables on the performance of the smoke control system. We will also present an insight into experimental campaign, in which over 50 different scenarios varying in the size of the fire, outlet location and smoke extract capacity were investigated. Comparison of conclusions from CFD and experimental studies along with the preliminary findings of the project are given.



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