FEMTC 2022

Generating Parametric Analyses And Creating Variables From Within Your FDS File

Brian Cohan - PBD Tools LLC


Fire modeling projects often require studying a variety of configurations, such as different mesh resolutions, smoke exhaust capacity, and more. These analyses often require the modeler to create numerous FDS files or custom programming scripts to generate many scenarios to process. Imagine if you could generate the FDS models and dynamically set values for each scenario from a single FDS file.

Introducing xFDS, an open-source command-line tool built to accelerate your fire modeling workflow. xFDS uses a templating system that allows you to create variables and use logic to dictate which lines are included in each scenario. Furthermore, xFDS allows you to run your models locally under various FDS versions without having to install FDS on your machine. This allows you to revisit old analyses and ensure you always have the latest version of FDS available.



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