FEMTC 2022

Numerical Case Study On The Evacuation Strategy Of Early Childhood Center

Hong Sheng Huang - National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology


This paper focused on the analysis of evacuation performance. There were two ECC (Early Childhood Center) cases in this paper, all of them were put on the 2FL of the high-rise building. Among the 45 children, 1/3 were infants who can only crawl, and the rest 2/3 were toddlers under the age of 3. According to the regulations, the ratio of nursery staff to children was 1:5. Thus, it's impossible to evacuate these infants once by picking them up directly, they must be evacuated in a stroller or a baby carrier.

The CFD approach was used to build the fire model, and 8 scenarios were set to analyze the total evacuation performance. For infants who could not walk independently, a cradle and a baby carrier were designed to evacuate. And the lead time for picking up the baby from the ground and placing them into the cradle or baby carrier to approximate the real evacuation need. The evacuation strategy proposed in this study includes suggestions on evacuation routes in response to different fire situations, the action efficiency standards of the nursery, and the assignment of tasks to all staff to achieve the best evacuation performance.

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