FEMTC 2022

Optimization Of Vaccination Center Operation Using A Numerical Model

Petra Okrinova - Brno University of Technology


The situation during the COVID 19 pandemic created a worldwide demand for the construction of large-capacity vaccination centers, which had the task of handling thousands of people in order to carry out widespread vaccination. With the subsequent construction of vaccination centers within the existing public buildings, which were not primarily designed or equipped for this purpose. Teams of experts around the world have been forced to face this challenge and work with what was available during the crisis. It was race against the time to not only to meet the acute need to vaccinate as many people as possible, but also satisfy the requirements of handling and storage vaccines (expiration date). For this reason, it was also necessary to predict the daily capacities of the vaccination centers.

The paper presents a case study of a vaccination center solved in the pandemic situation in the Czech Republic. The vaccination center was being building at BVV - Trade Fairs Brno in existing buildings and using mobile tents. All sub-processes were analyzed within the operation, such as: arrival of a person, identification of persons, completion of a questionnaire, registration of participants in the system, medical examination, waiting room, vaccination, vaccination response time and departure from the centre.

The case study proposes optimization of large-capacity vaccination centre operation from the functional and space disposition point of view to maximize the number of people handled. The Pathfinder software tool was used to optimize operations. The geometry for the basic model was created according to the actual operational solution for the complex and the needs of the medical staff. Thanks to the findings from repeated simulations, the daily capacity of the centre was increased and the final form of the operational model was designed.

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