FEMTC 2022

SFPE Research Foundation Programs, Progress, and Updates

Leslie Marshall - Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) Foundation


The SFPE Foundation is a mission-driven non-profit organization affiliated with the Society of Fire Protection Engineers that funds research and educational initiatives to advance the scientific understanding of fire in the natural and built environments. Join Dr. Leslie Marshall, SFPE Foundation Director, for a presentation on the SFPE Foundation’s programs, funding opportunities, and outreach efforts. The presentation will include an update on the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Working Group Initiative, as well as the Grand Challenges Initiative (GCI). Both programs are flagship initiatives of the SFPE Foundation that bring together industry, academic, government, and research partners to better understand how fire protection engineering and related expertise can contribute to tackling global challenges in areas such as fire and related hazards in the WUI; energy and infrastructure; climate change; resilience and sustainability; and digitalization, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.



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